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Welcome to AfriKore!  We hope you are informed, inspired and/or walk away with more reflections, as we share how our international experiences, diverse cultures and African influences impact our individual journeys and shape our global communities!

To ensure a safe, fun and transparent space, kindly follow the guidelines:


1). Comments reflect the views and opinions of the person who posts and do not reflect the views and opinions of any organizations the person might be affiliated with.


2). The information provided here is for general information only, based on the experiences of the person posting, and is not intended to provide anyone with specific legal, business or medical advice or instruction.  Please consult with a licensed professional who specializes in the area in which you are seeking guidance.

3). This blog will not discuss/ critique specific political issues and/ or identify specific politicians.

4).  Do not republish, sell, rent or sub-license material, reproduce, duplicate or copy material, or redistribute content from this website.  Any reference to material on this site should be linked to this site.

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