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Stella-Monica is a published author who has written numerous research and journalism articles, co-authored books.  Genres range from non-fiction and academic to fiction and biographical memoirs. She has also reviewed books for Quill & Scroll Magazine.  


You can also read some of her selected publications below that reflect her research interests in critical scholarship on issues of communication, cultural hybrid identities and interculturalism, the Diaspora (particularly African), diversity and inclusion, as well as on international (particularly African) development:

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2018 Outstanding Book of the Year by the International & Intercultural Communication Division of the National Communication Association

New Book Available!



AfriKore is a platform that aims to privilege the voices and personal experiences of Africans and her larger Diaspora. The platform combines self-reflexive blogs and a docu-reality series of candid, intimate conversations with different guests of African descent. Occasionally, friends of guests will also stop by the set to share their unique insight on a particular issue and enrich discussions. Through AfriKore, creator, executive producer and host, Stella-Monica Mpande, explores topics related to the intersectionality of cultural hybrid identities, self-concept, and their influence on guests' contributions to Africa and the global community.


A professionally-trained actress, Stella-Monica has performed in, and written original plays, regionally in the U.S. She has also performed in several off-Broadway theatrical productions in New York, and in independent films in Ohio, Virginia and New York. Recently, she also added Evil Spirit of Lula to her IMDB credits.  Committed to the art and power of storytelling, she founded Nalugwa Productions, Inc. to develop and produce a diverse array of content and stories from all over the world on multiple platforms.  Be sure to stay posted on new content to be presented soon! 



Stella-Monica has been invited to present research, serve as a panelist, guest lecturer, or motivational speaker at various organizations and media outlets, including the National Communication Association, African Studies Association, Association for the Study of Middle East & Africa, the Meridian International Center, the University of Maryland, the United Nations, Ketchum, Johns Hopkins University, Howard University, Georgetown University, National Council of Negro Women, to name, but a few.  She has also been featured on podcasts, including Women Transcend, Colored Girls Beautiful, Water & Grain and more recently, The Miss Tami TKO Radio Show. She is regularly invited as a motivational speaker and keynote speaker on issues related to self-care, and self-esteem, youth and gender empowerment, as well as Diaspora affairs.




As a journalist and broadcast anchor, Stella-Monica has written stories or presented stories that have been featured in several media outlets.  Between 2014-2015, Stella-Monica was also an on-air anchor of the African Innovation and  Technology Channel, created and executive produced by award-winning journalist and media producer, Paul Ndiho.  A few clips can be viewed below:

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All Videos



As an educator, Stella-Monica taught a communications course at the undergraduate level at Howard University, while earning her Ph.D.  Three months after graduation, she joined Johns Hopkins University as a full-time faculty professor and one of the program administrators, where she developed and taught graduate-level curricula and served as a Masters thesis and graduate student advisor, as well as diversity and inclusion coordinator. She has also been invited as a guest lecturer at Georgetown University and more recently, the University of Maryland - College Park. Passionate about education, Stella-Monica values the power of expanding knowledge in and out of the classroom and implementing ideas to challenge the status quo, transform and develop society. 


Stella-Monica's background as a critical cultural and postcolonial scholar inspire her social change advocacy and activism.  She has been involved with numerous initiatives, including those that combat racial inequality, human and child/ sex trafficking and child labor.  She also advocates for gender/ youth empowerment,  the disabled community and against animal cruelty.  

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