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…and welcome to a taste of my world! 


So for starters, I’ll answer your first two questions:  Yes, “Stella-Monica” is my first name, and yes, I go by "the whole thing."


Next up, I was born in English-speaking Uganda, East Africa, raised in international environments in French-speaking Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), West Africa, and then relocated to the United States of America at 17 years old, where I have lived throughout the country. Traveling around the world since early age throughout adulthood remains a passion and a blessing.  Growing up as a Third-Culture Kid (TCK) exposed me to diverse ways of problem-solving, unleashed my creativity, and instilled in me a compassion and energy for life.


I wear a lot of hats. My backgrounds in business, communications and the arts have led me to work in a range of industries and organizations globally.  Along the way, few passions also gave birth to my roles as a: published author/writer; filmmaker/ director & producer; actress; playwright; educator; motivational and public speaker; journalist, social change activist and entrepreneur.  


Put simply, in this context, I am a storyteller.  In retrospect, my passion for storytelling began when I was a kid playing with dolls and any inanimate object possible.  I discovered the art of storytelling through sketching, painting portraits and sculpting (no pun intended). My commitment to storytelling soon evolved across multiple platforms, e.g., theatre, film, TV, books, journals, articles, blogs and more.


Fast forward to date, it's undeniable how my transcultural identity and diverse experiences influence and inspire my work.  As a storyteller, I tell stories to examine how we treat ourselves and each other. To laugh at our irony.  To challenge oppressive systems. To promote justice. To advocate for the underrepresented. To inspire and liberate audiences.  To help you use your voice.  To empower us to walk freely in our God-given purpose. 


So explore, reach out, and let’s support each other’s journey towards our greater purpose!




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