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Transculturalism, Challenges and Development

320pp, 26 illustrations

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Are members of the African diaspora conduits of Western cultural hegemony at the cost of their traditional preservation and meaningful development in Africa? Africans living in the diaspora have a unique position as potential agents of change in helping to address Africa’s socio-economic and political challenges. However, this position is not without challenges! This book reflects some of the experiences of members of the diaspora as they negotiate their relationships with their home countries and attempt to play a role in fostering social change and sustainable development back in their African homelands. The book hopes to inspire agents of change within the diaspora, and to contribute to the expanding and vibrant field of diaspora research!


Read this book to:


  • Learn how the African Diaspora could leverage their cultural hybrid identities in Africa’s development agenda


  • Explore key business industries across Africa to contribute towards, and/ or invest in 


  • Adopt cultural and critical frameworks to create paradigm shifts as change-agents of Africa’s development 


  • Gain insight from some industry leaders across Africa and her Diaspora 


  • Learn strategies to foster positive relationships between the Diaspora and citizen-residents on the African continent 


  • And more!


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Dr. Stella-Monica N. Mpande is an award-winning multifaceted business and media professional, artist, entrepreneur, and critical communications, cultural, and media scholar. Born in English-speaking Uganda, raised in French-speaking Côte d’Ivoire, prior to relocating to the United States, Dr Mpande’s transcultural upbringing influences her works and personal experiences.


Dr. Mpande has taught at Howard University, where she earned her PhD, and at Johns Hopkins University as full-time faculty and a program coordinator. Her research in African development, diasporic affairs, diversity and inclusion, communications and relationship management has been published in several journal articles and books.  She has also been invited as a panelist, moderator, guest lecturer and keynote speaker at conferences, universities, and events throughout the US.  


The Diaspora’s Role in Africa: Transculturalism, Challenges and Development is Dr. Mpande’s latest book—a culmination of 10 years’ worth of research and her doctoral dissertation. As a writer, Dr. Mpande blends wit, rhetorical and discussion questions, and data-driven research to engage and challenge readers on this journey.


When Dr. Mpande is not writing books, she is either globetrotting, creating art and media projects, performing on stage or on-camera, or embarking on high-adrenaline adventures. And she dislikes the color orange. Cheers!


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Michael Akindele - Managing Partner, Uncharted Ventures


 – On the Diaspora finding innovative solutions in Africa and penetrating new cultural environments



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"While I am not an entrepreneur, I have authored scores of books—some academic and others of general interest. I also read, avidly, books on multiple topics on Africa. I boldly state that The Diaspora’s Role in Africa: Transculturalism, Challenges, and Development stands out. It is written in a way to satisfy both the expectant entrepreneur and the inquisitive academic. It is a tough combination, but Dr Mpande craftly provides answers to seemingly disparate audiences. I am glad to have the opportunity to read the book, and I wish that you embrace a similar opportunity.”

Chuka Onwumechili, PhD

Professor, Howard University
Editor of The Howard Journal of Communications

Former Interim Dean, School of Communications—Howard University

Recipient of numerous awards

Featured in TVC News- Nigeria, China Global Television Network (CGTN) and other outlets

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“…Africa needs a firm diasporic engagement to deliver sustainable development solutions to optimally boost development and place the continent on a growth trajectory. To achieve this, her diaspora community must have adequate resources for easy reference, which this book provides…In essence, Dr Mpande’s honesty in presenting various experiences and posing critical questions allows audiences in and outside of Africa to connect with her.”

Paul Orajiaka - CEO: Auldon Group

Recipient of numerous awards

Featured in Forbes International, Forbes Africa, CNBC, BBC and numerous outlets


Hb: 978-1-138-49194-6 | $160.00

Pb: 978-1-032-10651-9 | $39.95

eBook: 978-1-351-03166-0 | $39.95

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